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Aaron is a 23 year old gentleman suffering from fibromalygia and chronic fatigue since the last 3 years. He complains of widespread pain, difficulty sleeping, hypersensitivity to pain, anxiety and depression. He was prescribed Cipralex and Mirtazepine for depression and anxiety and Catafast for his widespread pain. He continued these medications for around 1 year but they did not relieve his symptoms. He was also prescribed Noctamid to sleep but this did not help much and left him drowsy the next day.

He has now been using using Bedrocan flowers, vaporized every 4-6hours at high temperatures. He feels that his symptoms of pain and fatigue are very well-controlled. He found that the medicine motivated him to work and gave him mental clarity and energy. His sleep is still disturbed and it is recommended that he consumes an indica variety at night time.