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Applying for Medical Cannabis

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and limited resources, we are only accepting patients who are referred by their family doctor or who have completed the referral form. To qualify for medical cannabis, patients need to provide evidence that they suffer from a chronic medical condition and that they have used pharmaceutical medication in the past but this was not effective or caused side effects. Patients who have attended detox in the past, have pending court cases or have a job which involves driving are not eligible to apply. Patients with a history of psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder need a certificate and a referral from their psychiatrist before applying.

The medicine needs to be administered by vaporising in an approved medical device or by mouth in the form of extracts or teas. Smoking is illegal and patients can be prosecuted for abusing the medical system if they are caught smoking their medicine.


Driving under the influence of cannabis can endanger the patient’s life and the life of others. In the referral form below, the patient needs to sign that they will be taking full responsibility of their use of the medicine. If the patient shares (or sells) the medicine or drives under the influence, they may also be liable to criminal charges.


To apply, kindly print the REFERRAL FORM and fill it out indicating the medical condition and the medications that have been tried in the past, including doses used and side effects experienced. Kindly send the completed form to and we will contact you when we can offer you a slot for a consultation.