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Clint is 29 year old gentleman with chronic migraines, PTSD, depression, anxiety and insomnia. He was on various medications for the last 7 years. He was prescribed Venlafaxine, Amitriptyline, Voltaren suppositories other NSAIDs, and high doses of Valium to sleep. The pills didn’t help at all with his pain or sleep.

He has now been vaporizing Pedanios 22/1 during the day and this was giving him a lot of energy to start exercising, push ups, sit ups and swimming. He is feeling much better and his migraines are now very well-controlled.

He is vaporizing Pedanios 20/1 mainly to sleep and he found that his sleep was much better and he was waking up early and refreshed.

He has not experienced any side effects with this new medication. He feels that compared to his previous medication which included Valium 5mg tds, this medication is allow him to work and focus much better.

He is feeling that his condition is better controlled with this new medication of 2g daily Pedanios 22/1 and 1g daily Pedanios 20/1.