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Godfrey  is a 28 year old gentleman with muscular dystrophy. He suffers from severe nausea, widespread pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, fatigue, anger, irritibility, poor reflexes especially when driving. He was prescribed verious medications in the past including Sertraline, Codeine, morphine, diazepam, nortriptyline, Wellbutrin and all these medications had countless side effects including blurred vision, profuse sweating, dizziness, chest pains, rapid breathing, palpitations hallucinations and sleep disturbances. He had to stop these medications because of side effects.

He has now been using Pedanios 22/1 flowers vaporizing it at high temperatures for the last 2 weeks consuming 2g daily in divided doses. He feels that his symptoms are very well-controlled when on medication. His nausea is completely controlled, his pains are relieved his energy levels and appetite improved. He felt that after consuming, his reflexes improved dramatically especially when driving.

He was also consuming Pedanios 20/1 at night time to help him reduce his anxiety at bed time and help him sleep. His restless leg syndrome, pain and irritibility was very well-controlled. He found that the dose of 2g Pedanios 22/1 and 1g Pedanios 20/1 was a very good dose for his condition.