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Jana is a 39 year old lady with a history of psoriatic arthritis since 16 years of age. She has visibly deformed joints which are very painful and has taken many painkillers in the past including codeine, amitriptyline, Lyrica, Catafast, Arcoxia & Solpadol.
She felt that these medications didn’t help with the pain and they caused a lot of side effects such as drowsiness, irritibility and

She also suffers from irritible bowel syndrome (IBS) and anxiety. She was on Epilim 500mg daily & Remirta 45mg daily but
these did not help with IBS and caused her side effects such as dizziness and a hangover effect in the morning with the result that she missed work on several occasions because of this.

She is now using Pedanios 22/1 1g daily during the day and Pedanios 20/1 during the afternoons and evenings. She felt that this new medicine provided better pain relief that any other medication and also helped with other symptoms such as anxiety, sleep and IBS. She found that Pedanios 20/1 helped more with the pain but caused a bit of sedation so she uses this at night to help her sleep. The Pedanios 22/1 caused a bit of dry mouth initially but this reduced after the first few days. She has now reduced her medication to Epilim 200mg daily and Remirta 30mg daily and she feels that she is doing very well with less side effects.

On the whole, she feels that conventional painkillers only took the pain away and not with anything else. She also had to stop them because of the fogginess that they used to cause her. With Pedanios, she feels that the pain is much better well-controlled and also many other symptoms which the other medicines had no effect over such as anxiety, insomnia, mood fluctuations, joint swelling, diarrhoea and bloating. She is advised to continue on this dose of her new medication.