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Lorraine is a 42 year old lady who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 10 years ago and she required multiple surgeries in her neck as it had metastasized. She also developed fibromyalgia at around this time and he was given various medications for pain and anxiety including Palexia, Fentanyl and other opiates and Valium, Ativan for anxiety and insomnia.These medications caused her many side effects and she could not continue them longterm.

She has now tried Pedanios 22/1 and Pedanios 20/1and found that these controlled her symptoms of pain and anxiety much better than her previous medications. She felt that the Pedanios 22/1 helped more with her pain and gave her energy.The Pedanios 20/1 helped her relax and sleep better.

Since she started on these new medications, she felt that she got her life back, she managed to socialize and also improve her relationship with her husband.

It is advised that she continues on Bedrocan 22/1 for the next month.