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Luke Cassar

Luke Cassar left his life in Malta in 2001 on a journey of self-discovery around Asia, he returned in 2007, some might say that the person who left at the age of 19 is not the one who returned. Since then and also during his travels he has been teaching meditation to students of all walks of life. He now lives in Gozo as a FREEDIVING instructor; teaching people to dive into the depths of the big blue on a single breath. Luke was introduced to The Pain Clinic a few years ago;

‘Teaching Meditation at the Pain Clinic is so inwardly rewarding, patients always seem to benefit from meditation and many continue to practice and reap the benefits even after I meet them years later’


Meditation Credentials:

Meditation was much less westernized 15 years ago and lucky for Luke he had to learn the real way, by travelling and living like a monk in monasteries across Asia. There he learned all forms (and formless) of meditation. However, he was more naturally inclined towards the more practical types of meditation as well as understanding how and why it works. His search led him to many places, he particularly fell in love with forest and jungle monasteries, secluded and totally devote to practicing. He continues to practice and develop his meditation and teaching skills to this day.