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Matthew Camilleri

Matthew Camilleri is the Managing Physiotherapist at The Pain Clinic. He is a graduate of the University of Malta and is currently reading towards a Masters degree in clinical pain management with the University of Edinburgh.

 Matthew holds a special interest in and is passionate about persistent pain management.
Apart from pursuing a Masters degree in the area, he has attended and completed numerous Continuing Professional Development modules around the area and is actively involved in a task-force aimed at restructuring national care plans for persistent pain patients. Matthew was also invited to speak at the Societal Impact of Pain Symposium in 2017 and presented on the relevance of Physiotherapy in pain management.

Over the years at The Pain Clinic, Matthew has worked with patients with conditions ranging from low back pain to post-herpetic neuralgia to fibromyalgia to chronic post-surgical pain. He believes in the importance of a team-based approach to pain management, patient empowerment, self-management, pain education and the use of smart exercise prescription to help combat pain and its complications. At The Pain Clinic, Matthew also uses modalities such as manual therapy, acupuncture, massage, electrotherapy, mindfulness and breathing.