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Rebekah Debono

Who is Rebekah Debono?

Rebekah Debono, an entrepreneuring CIBTAC qualified Holistic Therapist and a Yoga Alliance qualified professional in Yoga Therapy & Alignment. She is a teacher and practitioner. Rebekah first came to Yoga at the Revival in Chiswick London in 2006. Immediately, it helped her to recondition her mind about her body and with these tangible benefits, her practice of this discipline soon deepened. Soon after she attended holistic workshops, such as Connecting2Chi by Jon Aedyn King (in 2009) which continued paving her way in understanding chi disciplines and following her path in that direction. She held Beach Yoga and Stress Relieving Yoga for Round Table (a charity organisation) exploring further, participating actively in a variety of yoga practices and was able to focus on different Yoga disciplines; such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, SUP (stand up paddle board yoga), Power & Vinyasa. She was fortunate to study with professional instructors: Aaron Falzon, Rosita Jan, Michelle Bartoli, Federica Brunini Serralunga, Balaz Heller, Anchelique Fjoere & Anna Galea both in Malta and London. In 2016 she went on to study at the Gaia Yoga Shala in Koh Phangan, in the gulf of Thailand where she attained her 200 hr Yoga Alliance certification.

During that one year in Thailand, Rebekah immersed herself fully, teaching two classes of Yoga Therapy & Alignment a day at the ViewPoint Resort in Koh Tao. She also participated in workshops centred around Meditation & Satsang (sharing circle) for the international Mahi Yoga teacher trainings on Koh Tao. Upon her return to Europe, she spent one month in Rome, offering classes at Spazio Vitale in Colosseo. Once back home in Malta, she set up a Yoga space at the George hotel and Spa in St.Julian’s, where she offered Yoga Therapy & Alignment, and Yin/Yang practice. In December 2016, she took up the initiative to extend her service to collect funds for the Kilimanjaro challenge, where Yoga was offered at the Fitness Point in Tigne for participants.

An innovative entrepreneur; Rebekah has cultivated many experiences over the last 12 years as a freelance practitioner and student of key chi disciplines, with yoga being her primary focus. These experiences have magnified into the specific creation of RhiyZ, as well as the Yoga Therapy & Alignment sessions which she offers daily (view timetable). Quarterly, RhiyZ offers all-inclusive holistic yoga retreats, with the next to be held in October 2017. She will also be collaborating with Dr Andrew Aguis of The Pain Clinic in Paola and Mount Carmel in Attard to give Yoga Therapy & Alignment sessions as of July 2017.

She would like to take on the Kilimanjaro challenge fundraising again this year and include team-building activities through corporate events offered in September. She will be also teaming up with alternative & conventional practitioners, such as Luke Cassar to provide mindfulness techniques and Meditation sessions; Balaz Heller with Singing Bowl Therapy & Satsang sessions and Louise Cortis, a licensed Life coach S.N.H.S, to offer workshops  on personal development and life skills in October 2017 at the Yoga Therapy & Alignment retreat.

As part of her continual personal development, Rebekah plans on travelling to Indonesia & Thailand next year. She seeks to continue deepening her knowledge of Yoga as a therapy.

“Through yoga I have been encouraged to access fearlessness, strength and the ability to tap into that which is real within me. Yoga allows me to bring happiness, health, well-being and connectedness to my clients, who through our Yoga practice, can find a means to self, through self and for self” (Rebekah)

Presently, RhiyZ offers Yoga Therapy & Alignment, Yin/Yang Yoga sessions in High Ridge, The Pain Clinic in Paola as well as through all-inclusive Holistic Yoga Therapy retreats and aromatherapy workshops in Ghasri, Gozo.

What is Rhiyz Yoga Therapy & Alignment? How will it benefit me?

RhiyZ Yoga Therapy & Alignment sessions are integrated in line with a combination of holistic therapies to help participants rise above life’s increasing demands and daily stresses. RhiyZ reestablishes the time that is necessary to bring focus on the self, and in doing so, establishing personal enhancement, growth and healing.

Yoga Therapy & Alignment utilises yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided visualization, among others, to enhance overall health. Yoga Therapy & Alignment encourages wholeness of mind, body and soul.

Yoga contributes to strength; to enhance muscular tone, the power of focus, the ability to control within posture and the ability to develop stamina.

Yoga heals specific problems, mainly in eliminating impurities in the organs or energy centres and meridians of the body;

• If sickness is present, it needs to be cured.(self-care)

• If sickness is not present, protection is necessary.(prevention)

• If sickness is not present and one has learned how to protect oneself, training is necessary. (maintenance)

Yoga goes beyond the physical and taps into what is beyond a limited sense of self; to know one’s true self and to witness presence of all that changes.

Time is essential to self-development & creativity, whether for a mother or husband, businessman or athlete, student or professor, lawyer or shop assistant – and whatever your daily demands are, it is not possible to give the best of yourself if your cup is empty. The cup needs to be replenished and refilled.