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Referring Patients

The Pain Clinic is a team of professionals specialising in chronic pain management who are trained to manage patients who have not responded to conventional medications or treatments. We use lifestyle modifications such as diet & exercise, check and correct any nutritional deficiencies or intolerances and offer stress management strategies such as mindfulness meditation, yoga and aromatherapy. We are also highly specialised in managing chronic pain using medical cannabis.


Patients wanting to access medical cannabis should be referred by their family doctor or caring consultant with a full history of the patient’s medical condition, what medicines have been tried, including doses, regimens and side effects experienced. If the patient is under the care of a psychiatrist, then he or she would need to be reviewed by the psychiatrist and consent given for the use of THC by the patient. Patients are advised that smoking is illegal and that the medicine needs to be administered by vaporising or by mouth in the form of extracts or teas.


Driving under the influence of cannabis can endanger the patient’s life and the life of others. In the attached referral form, the patient needs to sign in front of the prescribing doctor and a witness that they will be taking full responsibility of their use of the medicine. If the patient smokes, sells or shares the medicine or drives under the influence, they may be liable to criminal charges.


To refer a patient, kindly print the REFERRAL FORM and fill out with the patient’s details and medical history.


Patients are then kindly asked to make a 45 minute appointment to discuss their application.