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Remedies Pain Clinic


Chronic pain refers to persistent pain of any level that does not resolve within a particular time frame. There is an endless list of conditions and associated reasons whilst some pain fails to resolve.  Whilst complete pain relief is always the ideal, in many instances of chronic pain the goal shifts from one of complete resolution to one of long-term management. The Pain Management Program (PMP) offered at Remedies Pain Clinic has been designed from the bottom up to provide patients with a comprehensive approach to deal with their pain.

One of the main principles underlying the design of the PMP is the approach taken in selecting the varied therapies that form part of this program.  By placing our understanding of chronic pain central to the design of the program, it was possible to create a system that would provide a comprehensive approach to the management of each patient.  This approach is quite contrasting to what is currently available at other centres.  The program being offered by Remedies Pain Clinic manages to:

  • Identify the root cause of the symptoms being presented
  • Identify the modalities that would be most suitable to address the condition or, when not possible, the symptoms manifested.
  • Identify therapies that offer the best approach to address/manage these symptoms
  • Offer a multidisciplinary approach that works together to support the needs presented by each individual patient.


Other than the obvious benefits to the well-being of patients, the nature of the Pain Management Program provides:

  1. An all rounded approach that is truly holistic to chronic pain. The all-rounded nature of the program spares patients from unnecessary frustration that comes from shopping for therapists, getting them to waste their time, resources and hope in a futile manner.
  2.  A Tailor-Made Approach. Whilst the core principles of the PMP have been clearly set, the structure of the program is malleable to suit each individual and the unique nature of their condition.  The program dispels the idea of a ‘one size fits all’ approach and offers an understanding in its delivery of ‘sound principles through a malleable structure’.
  3. A True Understanding of Pain: the nature of pain is that it is far more than just a sensory stimulus.  It is an overwhelming experience that affects and consumes the person’s life.  This insight allows us to use this multifaceted nature of pain as windows through which we can help patients.  In order to be sure that all aspects of pain are covered the program makes use of the following therapies :
  • physical therapy
  • pain relief medications (both herbal and pharmacological)
  • manual therapy
  • psychotherapy
  • educational classes
  • diet and nutrition
  • exercise therapy
  • meditation
  • movement re-education / Tai Chi
  • electrotherapy
  • cognitive behavioural therapy.




The team that contributes to Remedies Pain Clinic and the PMP has been selected based on the requirements of the program and the conditions to be addressed. Remedies Pain Clinic has been able to include the services and skills of professionals that are top in their respective field. Each professional know that their services will be called upon as dictated by the needs of the situation. Currently, the disciplines/therapies that have become part of the Pain Management Program are:

  • A General Practitioner with a special interest in pain management
  • A Doctor of Physiotherapy specialising in Manual Therapy and Ergonomics
  • A Physiotherapist with a Masters in Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation and expert use of Electrotherapeutic Modalities
  • A Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in the management of chronic pain
  • A Tai Chi Master that serves to re-educate and refine the movement and coordination of patients.
  • A Dietician that helps to stabilise pain through the regulation of diet
  • A psychotherapist that will help tackle issues presenting a psychological impediment to their recovery
  • An Anaesthetist that will help administer appropriate medical interventions to patients presenting with a degree of high severity or irritability
  • Massage Therapist to help with the general dysfunction and long-term adaption of soft tissues to chronic pain

Each individual therapy has been found to provide some benefit to the management of patients with chronic pain.  The beauty of the Pain Management Program is that all individual therapies are brought together to offer a program that is far bigger than the sum of its parts. The underlying principles of the PMP are bound to raise the bar in terms of both effectiveness and efficiency.