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Susan is a 37 year old lady with a 14 year history of severe fibromyalgia which started after EBV infection. Her symptoms are severe widespread pain, insomnia, cognitive dysfunction, swelling of the face and eyes, pelvic discomfort, irritible bowel syndrome, light sensitivity, loss of strength and function, low back pain, joint pain and many others.

She was prescribed the following medications during the 5 years post-diagnosis: Naproxen, Gabapentin, Tramadol, Lyrica, Amitriptyline, Codeine, Diazepam, Stimulants, Sleeping Pills and morphine. Every pill that she tried gave her severe side effects and she could not continue taking them.

After 5 years of prescription medications which left her in bed disabled and unable to do anything, she decided to stop her medication and started smoking cannabis. Her condition improved dramatically and she was doing very well until she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer following which her condition started deteriorating again.

Before she started Pedanios, she was in a very bad state, bed ridden, very fatigued, disabled and unable to function. She has now been using Pedanios 22/1 and Pedanios 20/1 for 4 weeks. She is consuming approximately 2g daily of the Sativa, vaporized at high temperatures in divided doses. She felt that Pedanios 22/1 helped with fatigue, mental cognition, instant relief of generalized pain, reduction of stress, anxiety and pain-related panic. She felt that pain relief was superior to high dose morphine and claims that it helped her very much with mental clarity and freedom of moving her joints. It gave her the energy to get out of bed and start caring for herself again.

She was using Pedanios 20/1 in 1g doses at night to help with nocturnal pain and sleep. She claims that it helped very much with her sleep.

Susan feels that she is very well-controlled on 2g daily Pedanios 22/1 and 1g Pedanios 20/1, much better than any other medication she’s ever tried.