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Ted is a 36 year old gentleman who got diagnosed with optic neuritis 3 years ago which developed spontaneously and resulted in complete loss of vision right eye in a few days. He was given large doses of steroids with no effect. Ted now has permanent loss of vision right eye.

After a few days from the optic neuritis, he developed severe back pain and loss of power in his left leg. An MRI showed evidence of disk herniations and nerve impingement at various levels. He was given several steroid injections to relieve this pain at The Pain Clinic Mater Dei but these did not help. He was prescribed Tramadol for a few months but he couldn’t tolerate the side effects so he had to stop it.

He also was prescribed Catafast, Rantudil, Codeine and Celebrex for his pain but all these caused unwanted gastrointestinal side effects and he had to stop them. His main symptoms are muscle spasms, very poor sleep, anxiety, neuropathic pain down his left leg and pain sensitivity in other parts of the body.

1 year ago, he was prescribed medical cannabis in Holland and he found that it helped the most. Now he is consuming Bedrocan 2g daily in divided doses throughout the day, vaporized at medium temperatures throughout the day. He found that it helped relieve his neuropathic pain, reduced muscle spasms, helped him sleep better and helped control his anxiety. He did not experience any side effects with Bedrocan. He found that this medicine helped him more than anything that he’s tried in the past. He should continue on this dose of 2g daily for now and be reviewed in around 2months.