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The Pain Clinic’s aim is to reduce suffering for patients in pain and to help them regain control of their lives. The team adopts a holistic, interdisciplinary approach, integrating all appropriate therapies to provide the most effective, evidence-based treatment plan that promotes and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.


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  • The medicine helped me a lot with managing and reducing my anxiety, and it keeps me calm in situations where normally I get very anxious. It helps me especially with my Insomnia, as it gives me the ability to have a full 8hrs sleep with no problems.
  • It helps me control my anxiety which I suffer from regularly and also helps with my back, shoulder and wrist pain, that I have on a near consent basis. My arthritis is manageable, I am managing to sleep without heavy sleeping pills and over all quality of life has improved a lot.
  • I have been feeling worried, tensed and stressed for some quite time now. Having heard about meditation I was eager to try it out.  Meditation is much better than taking tranquilizers.
    Albert O. 62 years
  • It helps primarily in keeping a stable mood and also focus and concentration on low doses. Helps immensely to relieve anxiety and stress during the day and evenings after work and drastically improved the sleep pattern.
  • I am more productive since I feel less overwhelmed with the list of things that I need to do during my day.
  • It helps relaxes me and not think about my next trigger. It also helps me to have a deep sleep which is very helpful considering that usually with my anxiety and overthinking, it prevents me into going a deep sleep due to a very active brain.

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