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The Pain Clinic’s aim is to reduce suffering for patients in pain and to help them regain control of their lives. The team adopts a holistic, interdisciplinary approach, integrating all appropriate therapies to provide the most effective, evidence-based treatment plan that promotes and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.


Latest Articles

  • The medicine helps reduce pain drastically, improve mobility and the ability to use different body parts, especially my hands which is the first place affected by arthritis.
  • Calms me down, helps me to manage the day better, Helps me sleep at night. Has been extremely helpful in dealing with menopause.
  • It helps primarily in keeping a stable mood and also focus and concentration on low doses. Helps immensely to relieve anxiety and stress during the day and evenings after work and drastically improved the sleep pattern.
  • The medicine helps to relieve my migraines as well as related anxiety due to OCD, work and study.
  • I surely recommend meditation to all those who, like me, have a very busy and stressful life and especially to those who suffer from depression, anxiety and tension or from an inferiority complex.
    Maria M.37 years
  • Lara, my 16 year old daughter, was seen at The Pain Clinic for a painful shoulder and she did wonderfully!   In just 3 sessions along with the exercises given, her shoulder does not hurt anymore and is more stable. Thanks for the wonderful, professional job!
    Ruth T.38 years

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Consultations by appointment:

Dr Andrew Agius – Pain Management | Medical Cannabis

Abigail Azzopardi – CBD | Medical Cannabis

Matthew Camilleri – Physiotherapy | Pain Management

Luke Cassar – Mindfulness Meditation