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Who We Are

The Pain Clinic is a centre for Integrative Medicine which specializes in the holistic management of persistent pain, chronic stress and suffering associated with chronic illness. It was founded in 2015 by a family doctor, an anaesthetist and a physiotherapist who teamed up to create something innovative and unique for the Maltese islands. Since our population is slowly ageing and becoming less mobile, pain is becoming an increasingly common complaint. On the other hand, the younger working population seems to be more commonly affected by stress and stress-related ailments such as chronic headaches, anxiety and insomnia.


Research shows that management of persistent pain is very complex and requires a multidisciplinary approach. Very often, patients suffering from persistent pain visit several different professionals and try many different alternative therapies until they find something that works for them.



The main aim of creating The Pain Clinic was to create a “one stop shop” for all the patient’s needs, providing the patient with a plan that integrates conventional, alternative and complementary therapeutic options for quick and effective relief from symptoms.



What is Integrative Medicine?

This innovative approach to managing patients is becoming increasingly popular as it views the patient holistically and does not just treat the disease. Integrative medicine combines conventional Western medicine with alternative and complementary therapies, providing the patient with all the relevant options that may help with healing. Apart from physical symptoms, it takes into account psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and illness.


Research shows that the immune system and healing is strongly influenced by a person’s stress levels, physical activity, nutrition, sleeping patterns and other factors. Patients with chronic conditions often suffer unnecessarily because they are not aware that certain lifestyle changes or alternative therapies may help improve their quality of life.


The Pain Clinic offers professional, evidence-based medical advice on all conventional and alternative treatments available in order to provide the patient with the most effective plan for healing, while reducing suffering and improving quality of life.

Our Aims

 1) To identify the causes of your pain or suffering

           2) To advise you how to reduce your pain and suffering

      3) To help you regain your life and start living again!

Our interdisciplinary team is made up of:

1. Integrative Practitioner

A GP with a special interest in pain and integrative medicine

2. Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist with a special interest in chronic pain

3. Mindfulness Trainer

A health psychology practitioner and mindfulness trainer

4. Dietitian

A registered dietitian and nutritionist

5. Yoga Instructor

A Yoga Alliance qualified professional in Yoga Therapy & Alignment

6. Mindfulness Practitioner

A mindfulness practitioner trained in Indian monasteries

7. Anaesthetist

A consultant anaesthetist and intensivist with a special interest in chronic pain