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  • I was in pain due to an inflamed ligament in my knee. After a consultation with Dr Agius he advised that the next best step was to opt for physiotherapy. Matthew Camilleri, the physiotherapist is very professional and he makes you feel at ease. After my examination he said the recovery would take 3 weeks but I started seeing progress just after the first visit. And from week to week it just got better. In fact, by the third week I was pain free. He gave me some exercises to do at home which I followed and still do twice a week. Thank you! Fantastic service and highly recommended.
    Josephine Grixti68 years
  • I decided to take the meditation course offered by the Pain Clinic in Paola as I was very anxious, nervous and had negative feelings. I always wanted to try to be happy and serene again. Now before I go to sleep I practice one of the techniques learnt, breathing in mindfulness. I didn’t even know how to breathe properly; I wasn’t aware that my breathing was shallow. Now it’s me who is in control and I can finally say that I am less anxious and finally much more calm. Anyone can practice, just a few hours can help you deal with the stressful life we are living.
    Elizabeth Borg 61 years
  • When I was a little girl I used to notice that simply accompanying my mother for some shopping would leave me exhausted. Fatigue still accompanies me throughout the day and it is impossible to keep up with my daily chores, errands and basic daily routines like showering and cooking. Sometimes I do not even have the energy to eat the food I prepare. I would already be nodding away to sleep on the bus in the morning on my way to work.  Nowadays it is riskier because I drive. The feeling of fatigue is like someone has just beaten me up and left me all bruised and off balance.   I have also suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since I was a little girl but after my appendectomy it went from bad to worse. I never had one single day off pain, bloating and countless toilet visits (20 or more).  My bloated belly restricts my choice of clothing. I also started developing various allergies and intolerances to different foods. Most foods give me bouts of constipation, diarrhoea and colon spasms which leave me breathless.  My heart races after a few bites of food and I feel as tired as if I have just finished a marathon. The physical toll of IBS is just what people usually mention but most of all IBS strips you of any dignity (for obvious reasons). First of all you don’t want to go anywhere which is far from the loo and secondly being sick in the loo with people waiting outside the door is still not acceptable. So you start avoiding any kind of social situation because you know it will end up in a disaster.   When I was growing up my mother used to tell me that it was only normal to have aches and pains in different parts of my body because I was growing taller.  Nowadays I still get excruciating pain around my knees and along my shins as soon as I barely touch them. I was always an active person organizing outings, doing aerobics, attending drama classes, etc. However whatever the activity, it was always so painful that it was never worth the effort. All the memories of the best years of my life are memories of pain: dancing in discos, eating at a party and lifting my children were all painful activities.   These symptoms are and were always accompanied with regular throat and ear infections and serious sinus problems throughout the year. I have now been prescribed steroids by my ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) because nothing else works and I cannot keep taking antibiotics. When I was young I used to have problems with missing a lot of school. Now the problem is holding down a job.   A few years ago I noticed that things were taking a negative turn and I had to change work for another which allows for reduced hours. First it was my mind playing games on me while I was driving and I did not know where I was going or while I was writing a cheque I forgot the year we are in. Names of people I knew just got cancelled from my mind and I totally forgot where I knew people when I met them. I also started getting low grade fever every single day and new pains in different parts of my body (elbow, fingers, shoulder, hip, ankle, etc) including my face (Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome), while clothes hurt my skin and my body. I started getting numbness, crawling, prickling and burning of the skin.  The pain was so strong that loose clothes became the order of the day; the burning so intense that my hair brushing against the skin was unbearable. Whenever I was given steroid injections for my pain it used to hurt even more.  These symptoms used to perplex all the health professionals I have been to, even abroad. Most of these professionals blamed it all on depression and said that it was ‘all in my mind’. So they kept prescribing anti-depressants, pain killers, anti-spasmodics and muscle relaxants, etc. but none of these worked except for making me sleepier.   As years went by I learned that I just had to adjust from the active lifestyle which I was always after to a more sedentary one. Yet, sitting down hurts as much as lying down and standing up. Sedentary activities are also difficult because I tend to forget the first part of the film I am watching or the first part of the book I am reading.   My life is now restricted in every sense: food, clothing, activities, interests, etc. I feel like I am locked up in this cage which is my own body.  It is so hard to keep trudging along, carrying so many heavy chains while wearing a smiling mask. People will not really stand anyone who is always sick, not even family. I marvel at myself how I have kept trying all alone for all these years.  Knowing it was like this for almost half a century you need a world of courage to believe that today will be different.   Needless to say I spent whole days, googling my symptoms trying to solve the puzzle, trying new diets and supplements that promised a cure-all. In my case natural remedies worked much better than conventional medicine to alleviate my symptoms. I tried every alternative therapy in existence. They helped to keep my hopes up and my sanity under control but they still do not solve the problem.   Then one day I was listening to the radio and I heard someone talking about Fibromyalgia (FM) and I thought it was exactly what I was going through, so I went to a Rheumatologist. At long last I found out what I had; it was Fibromyalgia (FM). Some of the commonly used pills for the condition are expensive and they have serious side effects. After some time my body got used to them and I had to increase the dose and this meant more side effects. Fatigue, concentration and constipation became worse. They also gave me vision problems, dizziness and muscle twitching.   A few months later I read about Medical Cannabis on the Fibromyalgia Association Face Book Page and I went to my Specialist armed with a copy of the new law of April 2015, which legalized Medical Cannabis in Malta. I told him that I wanted to try it. He said he will check for me and for all the other patients who were already asking for it. However after a few weeks he said that I should forget it because it was not practical to follow that road and he could not prescribe it for me. I could not understand but I was too tired to protest and decided that someday I will find the energy to do something about it.   After almost a year I got to know that actually the whole-plant medical cannabis was not yet available in Malta and was practically out of reach for patients because of bureaucracy. Most FM patients today are still eagerly waiting for this whole-plant medical cannabis which helps in most of their symptoms. Nevertheless, in the meantime some of them were already using a natural constituent of cannabis which was widely available in Malta. It was CBD oil which relieves pain and anxiety and some other symptoms. I would have at least tried it, had my consultant informed me about it!   While looking up CBD oil in Malta, I found a story about a woman who was saying that since she started taking CBD oil she could do so many things which she was unable to do before because of FM. I was so excited so I searched online and manage to find a local supplier for CBD oil and a doctor who could give me advice how to use it.   This doctor at the Pain Clinic guided me regarding the right dose of CBD oil. This was 4 months ago and I cannot say that I was 100% pain free for these past few months but it still works like magic: I can go up a full flight of stairs now when before I used to risk walking along the street with the cars to avoid getting on the pavement. I can go for a long walk while before it would hurt even to walk round the block. I actually went for a swim to test if I could truly do any exercise again. I swam in ice-cold water (FM patients know what cold water does to us) and never felt my arm numb with pain for days on end like it used to. I can drive out of my village and back without having to stop and ask for a lift. I am actually able to move in bed and sleep on any side I want; this was never possible. I can also wear tight fitting clothes without feeling them pulling at my muscles and hurting. I can carry a handbag or rest it on my lap without getting pain anywhere. I wore heels after all these years and that made me extra happy. I can watch TV or browse internet for hours when before I could only do it for a few minutes. This means I can now go the theatre again and it means that as a writer I can type or write to my heart’s content. CBD oil works without side effects and I want the whole world to know about it. Why do we have to suffer when Mother Nature has provided relief for our physical and mental imbalances? In whose interest is this medicinal cannabis plant being prohibited?   IBS, fatigue, Sinusitis and mind fog still haunt me, so although I am almost pain free, I still cannot enjoy the activities I am now able to do. CBD oil has not solved the other symptoms of FM. That is why I need the whole-plant medical cannabis to become accessible to us FM patients.   A few weeks ago I heard a woman on a Maltese TV station saying that she regularly goes and gets the whole-plant medical marijuana from abroad because it is the only medicine which helps her condition. She either does this with all the risks it entails or else she has to stay here and suffer. Does this mean that after losing the best years of my life, now that I know what can help, I will still lose the rest of it as well? Does this mean that if I resign myself to the fact that there never was anyone capable of giving me a good diagnosis, now that I have one I still cannot do anything about it? Does it mean that I have spent all these years fighting to get a life and now I will have to spend the rest of it fighting to get medical marijuana or leave my family to go live abroad?   Nobody and nothing can ever give me back the thousands of Euros and hours I spent trying to find a cure and no one will ever change the whole list of tainted memories of holidays, outings and family/friends get-togethers.  Nothing will ever bring back my priceless youth or my early days of marriage and child rearing but at least I deserve to get something out of what is left of my life for me and my family. We deserve that.
    Sylvia47 years
  • I visited the pain clinic in early May after my family doctor diagnosed osteoarthritis and referred me for physiotherapy there. My knee used to hurt me quite a lot for the last 4 years and I was unable to lift it up to go up into a bus. I also used to fall very often because my legs were weak and my knee used to hurt. After a course of physiotherapy over 6 weeks, visiting once every 2 weeks, I improved dramatically and now my knee doesn’t hurt anymore. I feel my legs are stronger and I am now able to walk and go up into a public bus without any problems. I hadn’t managed to go up into a bus for many years and always needed to ask for help. Since I started physiotherapy, I haven’t fallen again. Thanks to the physiotherapists at the pain clinic for doing a very good job as I never thought I would be pain-free again and I never thought I would manage to go up onto a bus without help again.  
    Laura Ellul76 years
  • I suffer from severe sciatic nerve pain, so I was recommended to start physiotherapy. I booked my appointment at The Pain Clinic in Paola. Was seen by Matthew Camilleri who is very professional and was very supportive throughout my entire recovery process. Massage, dry needling and exercises worked just fine for me. After each visit, the pain lessened and movement improved. Right now, I can say I am pain-free. The exercises which were recommended for my condition are followed on a daily basis and I believe that this keeps the pain from recurring. I keep their card handy just in case there is a friend in need of their service. I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for helping me get back on my feet again.
    S. Cacciattolo
  • I attended four of the five sessions of meditation. These sessions were recommended to me by Dr Andrew Agius. I had difficulty to sleep, sometimes for hours and sometimes I had nightmares. These were causing much anxiety and did not help my health. So I accepted the GP's advice and I do not regret it looking back. The first session consisted entirely how to breathe in order to feel calm and comfortable. At first I had a little difficulty to do breathing in and out successfully, but later on doing the breathing exercises at home, I started to feel comfortable and calm. It did help my sleep. Now it takes me less time to fall asleep. I still take my pills as usual. In the sessions that followed I had to do different exercise such as with closed eyes, I had to keep calm and meditate for a considerable time, to be aware of my body parts and my surroundings. I learnt to concentrate and let no other thoughts and anxieties distract me in my meditation. Walking in a single file concentrating only on my walking for several minutes helped me to feel calm. Over all the meditation helped me a lot and I think it was worthwhile. I now do my best to meditate everyday a little in the morning and before I go to bed. Now I find it easier to fall asleep and my blood pressure is under control.
    John Scerri79 years
  • I was referred to the new pain clinic in Paola for physiotherapy by my family doctor since I had low back pain and the pain went down to my right leg. This persisted even after a course of tablets. The physiotherapist who saw me was Matthew and he took his time to listen to me very carefully, taking a very detailed history. He was very thorough, very professional and very talented, unlike any other physiotherapist I had been to before. He used to help me stretch and gave me exercises to do at home. He also did acupuncture which was extremely effective for my condition and with it, the pain went completely for many days after the visit. He gave me my time and we often stayed longer until he made sure that I was feeling better and that I was satisfied. With this course of physiotherapy, I made a lot of progress and I am very satisfied with the outcome and with the very professional treatment that I was given.
    Margaret Mamo60 years
  • I have been suffering from severe migraines for one year. The last attack took me to hospital where I thought I was having a stroke. I froze and could not move. After just one Aromatherapy session, my migraines, which were confirmed to be stress-related, stopped and I am now migraine-free for three weeks.
    L. G.36 years
  • I was suffering from neck pain and pain in the sacrum so I was referred for physiotherapy. The physiotherapist at The Pain Clinic is very professional and knowledgeable. He managed my condition with a holistic approach. He also recommended certain types of exercises to be carried out at home between appointments, which I still do. Personally, I prefer this type of approach rather than medication. I started seeing improvement after 3 weeks of therapy, but now I am completely pain-free. I have no reservations at all in recommending Matthew to anyone seeking high quality physiotherapy treatment, advice and support.
    D. F.40 years
  • I was referred to the Pain Clinic as I was suffering from muscular pain, which was interfering with my daily life. Matthew the physiotherapist is extremely helpful. We started with treatment and exercises, and after just four weeks of therapy we started seeing results. Now I am almost pain-free, and I am still doing the exercises recommended for my recovery. Will definitely recommend him to others.
    Carmel R.47 years
  • I was referred to the Pain Clinic by my GP after I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I had been in pain for quite a while but had not sought medical care as I was afraid that I would be given an injection in my foot. When my GP saw me, he reassured me that intensive physiotherapy by a trained specialist would surely help. At the Pain Clinic, I saw Matthew the physiotherapist who is a young, very good physiotherapist with a very sweet character. He gave me some exercises to do and guided me closely on how to do them. He used to see me every week and after 5 sessions, I am finally pain-free. I can now walk and get out of bed without any fear that I would get a sharp pain as soon as my foot would touch the floor. I am still doing the exercises he taught me and I am very happy with the outcome.
    L. Tabone48 years
  • I have tried many prescription drugs for my chronic illness and they made me feel worse. I also tried Sativex which didn’t help much even though I was using 3 containers a week. Then I tried Natural Cannabis oil when I was in Spain and it was a heaven cause it gave me a life again by killing the pains. I could see that it is being used around the World for various types of sicknesses for many years now and I don't see why I should go to live in another European country cause in my country they are still having a corrupted law that was introduced in 1937.
    Gino C.
  • I felt lucky when I found out that my GP was going to start offering meditation sessions at his clinic in Paola. Actually I had been seeing some on-line talks about meditation by Dr Matthieu Ricard, a French molecular biologist who became a Buddhist monk but these were like a theoretical description of what meditation is and does, now I had a chance to try it out for real.
    I went for the first session and it was like changing from learning theory to actually doing a practical session. I could compare it to changing from listening to piano pieces on your stereo to actually playing some simple pieces on a piano yourself  🙂
    Everyone can do it, no matter her/his age, lifestyle, etc. The instructor, Luke Cassar, is very gentle and gives good guidance and instructions which are not too demanding.  During a meditation session we try to focus on the present and try not to think about the future and/or the past. As Luke explains during the sessions, this might seem easy to do, but usually one will get thoughts even if s/he tries not to! This is when Luke's experience comes in handy.  He explains many different techniques with which one can gently get back to focusing on the present moment after that s/he gets distracted.  For example one technique is to focus on one's own breathing, but there are other good techniques also.
    I found these sessions to be really helpful in reducing my stress level and to appreciate more the simple things in life.  After each session I left the clinic feeling inner peace and in between sessions I was also looking forward for the next session.  Little by little now I am trying to make mediation a habit which I practice every day, because I know by experience that it really makes me feel better.
    Jason Debono36 years
  • Meditation was recommended to me by my GP as I was suffering from symptoms which my GP said were most likely due to stress. When I started the course, I felt very relaxed and as I learnt more about it, I felt I could achieve more in life through meditation. Now I practice once or twice a day and the more regularly I practice, the better I feel. I think through meditation, you leave how to live better. Anyone can practice it as it is simple and has no side effects! I would highly recommend it to anyone, not only people suffering from stress, tension and anxiety, but everyone should practice it. In fact, I think it should be taught in schools from a young age!
    Raymond Darmanin58 years
  • I heard about the launching of The Pain Clinic from a family relative and spoke to Dr Agius for more information. Being a mother with two young kids and a full time job 6 days a week, I found myself caught in today's world net, juggling between an already stressful work and family needs, house work, cooking, taking the kids to extra curricular activities, etc. It becomes even more stressful when you have to do everything by yourself due to other circumstances and topping up with regular visits accompanying my father for Chemo treatments- Today's life can be very exhausting, I myself started having health issues too. I made an effort to find myself some time to attend for four meditation lessons which are being held at the Paola Clinic. I admit I did not know what I was in for. The place is comfortable and the Meditation mentor is very friendly, I immediately found myself at ease. The course emphasizes on discovering oneself through meditation, relaxing breathing exercises and discovering a new way to look at life. I learnt to live the moment and not to worry too much on something which hasn't happened yet or for which I don't have control over. I learned how to look at life and its difficulties through a different lens and appreciate more the moment I am living and all the little things in life that we take for granted all the time. Through the breathing exercises I am now much calmer and under control and I believe this course will be beneficial for me through the rest of my life. I surely recommend this experience to all those who, like me, have a very busy and stressful life and especially to those who suffer from depression, anxiety and tension or from an inferiority complex. I believe this very short course will help them realize there is more to life than we think and start seeing the larger picture.
    Maria Minuti37 years
  • When I started the CBD Hemp Oil drops, I wasn’t expecting a miracle because I suffer from pain in several areas of my body but I was hoping that my worst pain at least becomes bearable. With the first drop I took I could feel the difference. I take my drop the last thing before I go to bed so I can sleep better. I can’t say that the pain stops during the night as I sleep on my painful areas, but once I get up in the morning my pain goes down from 8 to 4. Since I started the drops I have not taken any other kind of pills like paracetamol because the drops relieve the pain far better than all other medications I have been taking for these last 3 years.
    Eileen P. 64 years
  • After visiting my family doctor because I was suffering from headaches and had a lot of anxiety he recommended that I start meditation. At first I thought it was a waste of time, but because I trust him completely I thought I should give it a try. And thank God I did, as from the very first session I felt the difference. I practice two to three times a day, depends on how I feel. Now I know how to relax and I even meditate while walking. Anyone can do it, and I truly recommended it, as the effects are long lasting. Definitely not a waste of time as it changed the way I think and now I feel much better.
    Francis Galea67 years
  • A relative of mine and myself started to attend to sessions at the Pain clinic, due to the fact that we were involved in a motor vehicle accident. My relative attends physiotherapy sessions and is very satisfied with the outcome. These sessions facilitated the everyday life activities such as bending down and sitting down for a long period. All the given exercises were tailor made for the particular needs of my relative. It is truly a great experience to witness the recovery of a loved one. I suffer from PTSD, this condition induces a lot of stress and tension as a result my neck and shoulder muscles became very tight.Thus, I attended physiotherapy sessions and my muscle started to loosen up and my mobility was more comfortable. In addition, I also attended meditation sessions. The latter helped me to feel more uplifting, more positive and be more aware of how I breath. Moreover, my levels of stress were reduced. The service given by the pain clinic is spectacular. Their quality of care and individual attention to each patient cannot be matched. Both my relative and myself of feel better. I truly recommend to visit the pain clinic.
    D. M. 22 years
  • I have been experiencing headaches with nausea and sometimes vomiting once weekly for quite some time now. During the Reflexology course treatment I felt calmer and happier. A week after the course was over I had just one migraine attack. I think that Reflexology served me well. Before the treatment the headaches used to be more frequent. After the whole sessions I never had another attack, even during my most stressful moments.
    L. Z.14 years
  • I attended a course of meditation over 4 weeks during summer 2015. Each session was 1 hour long and I felt a sense of tranquility and peacefulness during each of the sessions. These feelings were long-lasting and helped me feel calmer and less stressed in my daily life. The good thing about this course is that it can be practiced by anyone and I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling stressed or anxious and needs to feel more relaxed and calm in life.
    C. Borg58 years
  • After paying a visit to Dr Agius for stress-related symptoms, he recommended that I should try meditation rather than taking tablets. I had my doubts if this was going to work out. After thinking about it, I thought I should give it a try. I went for my first session and didn’t know what to expect, but I can’t explain the sense of relief I felt while I was meditating with the group. I now practice once a week at the Pain Clinic and whenever I feel stressed out, a few minutes of meditation works wonders. Gone are those restless nights. As stress dissolves, I find myself at ease in situations that would have once left me devastated.  I would like to thank Dr Agius and Luke for offering these classes. I believe that this class is a must for anyone who is trying to improve their quality of their life.
    C. Cassar50 years
  • My family doctor referred me to The Pain Clinic for a course of mindfulness meditation as, like many "nanniet", I was under a lot of stress because I had no free time, always babysitting and this was causing me a lot of tension. I grabbed the concept of meditation from the beginning, it made me feel relaxed from the first few times that we tried it at the clinic - it felt very good! From then I learnt that whenever I felt angry or stressed, I could meditate to calm down and relax. Now I practice it every time I get the opportunity, since I don't have much free time, but even as a passenger on a motorbike, I close my eyes and use those few minutes to meditate and feel calm. Anyone can practice meditation, no matter how stressed they are. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling nervous or angry as, through meditation, you learn how to take control of your mind!
    Violet Dalli65 years
  • Living with Fibromyalgia is not at all easy. There are times when you really have to struggle to get on by. But since I started being treated with Reflexology I feel calmer, lighter, more alive. Pain is still there, but after the treatment it subsides for two days. I also suffer from IBS and after the treatment I always wake up with a flat stomach. I feel that all toxins and water-retention are flushed out the following morning. My physiotherapist also remarked that my feet positioning have improved - asking me what was I doing. Reflexology is a treatment I always look forward to do!
    A. E.53 years
  • I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and one of the symptoms which one has to deal with is anxiety. After talking to my doctor, he explained the benefits of meditation and I was really encouraged to try it out. Surprisingly enough after my first session with Luke, I felt relaxed. Now it’s part of my bedtime routine, actually meditation became part of my life as I often find myself meditating while walking. I am still learning about it but I can say there is a difference, I sleep better at night, so I wake up better. Those around me notice the difference as well. I am glad I gave it a try as I can finally say that I feel good, in fact I am trying to talk my daughter into it.
    Lana H. 56 years
  • I was recommended to start meditation as I suffer from chronic pain, and I was also feeling a bit depressed lately. To be honest, I was against it. After the first session I felt better that’s why I decided to come back and complete the course. How did meditation help? I am much more calm and I have learned to stop and think before I flare up. Yes it is true that meditation makes you feel relaxed and makes you a better person. You will be surprised that you can be so calm. And Luke, well he is a very good teacher.
    Eileen P.64 years
  • Following my operation, I was experiencing pain in my right hip area. I went to The Pain Clinic where I was first assessed by a doctor. He told me my pain was muscular and referred me for a second assessment by the physiotherapist. Matthew, the physiotherapist is patient and courteous and, above all, he managed to reduce my pain over the first few weeks. He did some acupuncture and recommended some exercises. Although I was not so keen on doing the exercises, he encouraged me to do them regularly, notwithstanding my busy schedule. I am also trying to lead a healthier lifestyle by taking long brisk walks whenever I can. I am still not completely pain-free, but the frequency and intensity of the pain has decreased dramatically. The service carried out was excellent. It was done in a professional, caring and relaxed manner by a professional who obviously knows and loves his job.
    S.P.43 years
  • Worrying even over trivialities, brings on a state of anxiety which in turn makes me feel down. For a long time now I tried to control this (with some success) through writing and listening to my favourite music while lying down with my eyes closed. In June of this year my family doctor Andrew Agius suggested a short course in Meditation. I took up his suggestion and took a short four hour course at the Pain Clinic in Paola. The breathing exercises helped me to find another way to relax and think positevely when faced with a state of anxiety. The five minute breathing exercises are of great help especially in the morning or before starting to do something  which I am not exactly looking forward to do. I also make use of these breathing exercises in other situations, where it is vital for me to feel relaxed and avoid brooding over health problems, daily worries and other thoughts that usually make me feel sad. Other exercises suggested during the course come usefel in other situations. Daily practice is essential to get the utmost benefit of these exercises.
    Charles C.71 years
  • After a month suffering from knee pain whilst playing basketball, I made an appointment at the Pain Clinic in Paola. The physiotherapist is well informed, very nice and the exercises he gave me made wonders. My knee pain improved just after the first session and my recovery period was shorter than expected. I soon started training again. A big thank you to Matthew, the physiotherapist, highly recommend.
    Jasmine V.35 years
  • Having suffered from headaches for a very long time, and having tried almost everything, meditation was my last resort. I have to admit that I was not very sure about it, but I booked my meditation sessions at The Pain Clinic in Paola. After completing the course, I must say that I have learnt the purpose and benefits of meditation and I make sure that I meditate every single day before I go to bed.  This changed the way I see life; in certain situations, I do my best to see the positive side of things, which in return helped me with my headaches. So, if like me you want to feel better, it only takes a few hours to change the way you look at troubled times.
    G. Cachia43 years
  • I was referred to the Pain Clinic at Mater Dei Hospital by my orthopedic surgeon to get treatment for my back which was very painful and didn't allow me to walk well. Since the waiting list at Mater Dei is very long, I did not want to wait and I had heard of a new Pain Clinic that opened in Paola through my niece so I decided to try it. I was first seen by the GP who adjusted some of my water pills since my legs were very swollen and after examining me, he recommended that I do a course of physiotherapy at the Pain Clinic. I went there for 3 sessions, once a week and found the physiotherapist Matthew very good, he told me to do some exercises and I did what he said. Each time I went, he saw that I was improving so he discharged me after the third session since he saw that I was doing very well. Now my back is not as bad as it was and I can walk better, even the pain has reduced. I want to thank the GP and physiotherapist as I found the services at their Pain Clinic very good.
    Rose Borg 78 years
  • My name is John Robinson and I am a 42-year-old Englishman who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for over 10 years. During the last 10 years, I have been to see many specialists and been prescribed what feels like hundreds of different medications. Some have worked slightly and others made me much worse. I have been prescribed Palexia, Lyrica, and Tramadol to name but a few. Tramadol had zero effect and Lyrica caused more side effects that it helped with. Palexia basically put me into bed for 3 months straight where getting from the bedroom to the bathroom was almost impossible. During that 3 month period, I was able to get out of the house for a total of 2 hours. When I became a patient of the pain clinic and Doctor Andrew Agius, I explained that I was currently using morphine patches that were prescribed for me from another specialist. The problem was that I could not get them in Malta and I was extremely concerned about side effects. He was kind enough to prescribe DHC (60 mg) and Zapain (30mg / 500mg) and these helped me come off the patches and to function. I have always said that I do not care what is written on the box, if it gets me out of bed and enables me to be a father and husband then I will take it. With the combination he prescribed it enabled me to achieve that. Just before Christmas 2016, Dr Agius prescribed for me CBD 5% raw drops. As I have never smoked marijuana or taken any other illegal drugs I was actually bothered somewhat about taking this medicine. However, after a few days of trying it I was pleasantly surprised by the effect it was having. Fibromyalgia is such a complex chronic illness that since the first day of having it, I can honestly say that no 2 days have been the same. It’s not just the pain, it’s the fatigue, numbness, tickling, to name a few. Well, I would say the pain was reduced 10-15% with this new medicine however the biggest surprise was the extra benefits. For the last 10 years sleeping has been a huge problem for me but on the drops suddenly I was able to get to sleep easily. What was even more surprising is that I was able to stay asleep. The whole night. This never happens as I am always very restless in bed, waking up 10-20 times a night. Because I slept through for the first time in 10 years I woke up feeling rested. This was an amazing feeling. Also, one thing that drives me crazy is the constant numbness and tickling in my legs and this was nearly gone with the drops. Dr Agius increased the drops to 10% raw and everything mentioned above has been improved even further. Pain reduction 20-30% which is amazing. With Fibromyalgia, any reduction in pain is worth a try. My last point concerning this type of medicine is this and probably the biggest point I would like to make. Doctors prescribe hundreds of types of extremely strong medicine to help pain control in various patients with different conditions, which in most cases cause more negative side effects than it actually helps with. In some cases, additional medicines are required to help counteract the side effect caused by the very medicine designed to help. With the medicine prescribed by Dr Agius I have had zero side effects and that in itself is brilliant. As mentioned above for me it’s about taking part in life again. If with this medicine I am able to get back to work and support my family… well putting it into words is almost impossible. It would be like winning the lottery.
    John Robinson42 years
  • I recently was involved in a serious motorbike crash leaving me with scaphoid fractures in my right hand and a dislocated left arm which after an MRI scan revealed a tear in my nerve. After the second day that I was released from hospital I was  given a course of tablets for my pain I took the tablets and felt no effect what so ever,  later on that evening I ended up in the emergency because I couldn’t   handle the pain, The doctor  there ended up giving me an injection to ease the pain which gave me relief at the time but after a couple of hours the pain came back again, So I went straight to a doc the following morning   and the doctor told me to double my dose of tablets, being in such pain I didn’t hesitate to take them at first but after 3 weeks of loads of tablets I had become immune to them and was also starting to get concerned about what's going in my body and the damage it was causing to my kidneys etc. Being a medical marijuana believer and knowing its benefits which helped me in the past fight  a heroin, methadone, and tablet addiction I decided to give it a try for my pain again. Malta now recognizing medical marijuana as an alternative relief to the pain I went to my nearest doctor only to be turned down and to be looked at as a junky. So I did a little research and ended up traveling to a country that prescribes it medically without breaking the law. I would like to say that after vaporizing my pain started to ease and that evening I had a real good night sleep and did so for the following days I was there. Now being back here in Malta knowing that’s it legal and that we have the Schengen agreement  that means it  allows us   patients to travel and cross borders with medical marijuana and being told by the police I would be breaking the law leaves me a little confused
    A. P. 38 years
  • I was referred for meditation sessions by my GP as I worry a lot and suffer from anxiety. I was hoping that these sessions would work on me and help me control my anxiety. After the first session, I felt very relaxed and couldn't believe the effect the session made. Now I practice it once a day and I feel it helps me control my anxiety. I can now think and focus better and these effects are long lasting. When I practice regularly, I feel much better in general. Anyone is capable of doing meditation and I highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, worry a lot and find it hard to switch off their minds.
    Josephine Darmanin55 years
  • I had been suffering from pain in my right jaw for a whole year. I had been to my dentist several times and he attempted several interventions to try to reduce this pain. He told me that my jaw wasn't symmetrical and that one side will always be more painful than the other. I also visited my GP several times and she prescribed different types of painkillers to try to reduce this pain. The painkillers worked while I was one them but the pain returned as soon as I stopped them. One day I noticed The Pain Clinic in Paola while walking along that road. Since I had tried everything and nothing worked so far, I decided to call and make an appointment. During my first visit with Dr Andrew, I was diagnosed with inflammation in the joint and muscle of my right jaw. This was caused by stress and tension manifesting as clenching of the jaw. I was prescribed a course of meditation and advised on ways to reduce the tension on the joint. After the first session of meditation, my jaw did not hurt anymore. I am now aware that clenching my jaw brings back the pain and have learnt ways to avoid this. I am now pain-free and feel much better over all as I have also learnt how to control my stress and tension.
    C. Grixti40 years
  • Whilst I was at Dr Andrew’s clinic, I got to know about the meditation classes they were offering. I had my doubts about it, but after speaking to Dr Andrew he suggested that it will help me deal better with my tension headaches. Luke introduced easy to learn techniques and explained them very clearly. Now I use meditation every day before I take my afternoon nap, which in return helps me sleep better. I learnt some really beautiful ways to transform my emotional and mental clutter. I am now much calmer and feeling happy again. If you feel stressed out, you should give it a try, meditation is a natural way to turn your life around. It is never too late to learn something new.
    Carmen Chetcuti 69 years
  • I am writing to you today to briefly share my success with my recovery with medical cannabis. First, I would like to explain how & why I became a medical cannabis patient. In 2009 I moved to Malta from the US to fulfil a lifelong dream and to start my career in Personal Training / Nutrition. I also started dating a child hood girlfriend whom I am now engaged too. My life was complete, business was growing and I was in the best shape of my life. On October 14th 2011, I was struck by an Arriva bus, he had ran a stop sign and crashed into me on my motorcycle. I suffered a compound fracture of the tibia and lost 2 cm of bone from my right leg.I also suffer from more than just physical pain, I have suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression which can be very overwhelming and prohibit my day to day life. This made me feel like I was losing my true self. I began my own research on all the developments in the medical cannabis industry and when I was fairly well enough and walking again after 15 months, I moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands alone to seek out the medicine I so desperately needed for all of my conditions. The body as you know, gets very addicted to opiate drugs. Medical cannabis helped me not only get off all of the harmful pharmaceutical drugs but has improved my life overall. This is a very significant factor to me and is very important to my me & my family that I continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My mother and my wife Rodianne had seen a huge difference in my recovery and how cannabis has helped me. My further research on the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid profiles shows us how cannabis works with CB1 & CB2 receptors in the brain and body. I have a prescription from my doctor in Amsterdam who understands that the cannabinoid profiles of specific strains of cannabis are important for certain medical conditions. The cannabis provided from the Dutch Bureau of Cannabis for example is only good for some conditions and it is quite expensive. I would like to be able to explore more strains that contain higher levels of CBD & CBN. CBN is known to help stimulate bone growth, CBD assists with inflammation, pain & arthritis. THC is a very important cannabinoid as well by assisting with activating and working with the other cannabinoids to create homeostasis in the body. Certain strains higher in THC also helps me with mental focus, depression and PTS. With all this proof about how cannabis works for me and my conditions, I would say that from where I was 5 years ago if it wasn't for cannabis in my life I wouldn't be where I am today.
    Peter Robbins40 years
  • After 2 years of worsening aches and pains in various areas, I became depressed, anxious and was not sleeping at night. I visited various specialists and was advised to do several tests, ended up spending hundreds of Euros.
    Finally, the rheumatologist gave me a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and said that I need to live with it. By chance, I found out about The Pain Clinic and thought I'd give it a try. I was assessed thoroughly and prescribed meditation and physiotherapy at first. I started improving slowly and went for a follow up visit with the doctor a month later. At this stage, I was advised to start Insanity, a very intense exercise program, 30minutes daily. 2 months have passed since my first visit and I feel cured. I am pain-free, feel great and I'm sleeping again. Thank you for your fantastic service, highly recommended!
    R. M.27 years
  • I came for physiotherapy at the Pain Clinic after having constant pain in my back. Just after the first session I was already feeling a bit of relief. Matthew developed a simple, easy to follow set of exercises, which I am still doing although I am not in pain anymore. By the second session I was feeling much better. Thanks to Matthew who is really nice with patients and whom I highly recommend, I am back to my normal busy life pain-free!
    M. Seguna
  • Lara, my 16 year old daughter, was seen at The Pain Clinic for a painful shoulder and she did wonderfully!   In just 3 sessions along with the exercises given, her shoulder does not hurt anymore and is more stable. The exercises he gave her are helping her firm the muscles and correcting her posture too. Apart from that, Lara being a footballer and a long distance + sprint runner, she was having stiffened muscles pulling from calf to lower back and with the stretching exercises given she is not having trouble anymore. What I appreciated most is the supervision during the session and the professional advice on pre session food and warming up. He also monitored Lara while performing the exercises given at the clinic to make sure she will be doing them correctly at home.   Thanks for the wonderful, professional job!
    Ruth Theuma 38 years
  • Like many people I suffer from stress and anxiety. I heard about the meditation sessions that are held at The Pain Clinic in Paola, and my first thought was they are a waste of time, but after reading some testimonials I convinced myself to give it a try. After a very long time I felt relaxed, just after my first session. I practice meditation whenever I feel the need, however I feel that I need to practice more. One thing which I’ve learnt and it helps me deal better with my everyday life, is that to focus on you present. If practiced regularly, the effects are long lasting. After a session with Luke, you feel completely changed. After all it was not a waste of time, and I truly recommend you to make an appointment so you can feel the difference as well!!
    J. Spiteri 32 years
  • I was referred to The Pain Clinic by my GP due to consistent pain in my neck and upper back. Mr Camilleri is very good and professional physiotherapist. After a profound check-up he determined exactly where the damage was. His approach was excellent. I can say I started feeling better just after few days, also with the help of the exercises given. I can now say I am completely pain-free. I highly recommend Mr Camilleri, in fact, I already did.
    Rita G.59 years
  • Lately I was having this constant pain in my lower leg, so I booked an appointment at the Pain Clinic in Paola to be seen by the resident physiotherapist. He took time to listen carefully and search for the root of the problem. After just one session of physio and one week of exercises I was feeling better. After three weeks I was completely pain free and still am. I would like to thank him for his professional service and highly recommend him to anyone in need of physio treatment!
    Anthony Grixti69 years
  • Over two months have passed since we  last met to discuss my husband’s problem of immobility.After diagnosing his health, & hearing that he was spending his days either in bed or watching TV because he couldn’t walk;  unlike other doctors who saw him before, you suggested that James should consult a physiotherapist, who happened to be Mr. Matthew Camilleri. Mr Matthew saw him for the  first time on 31st August, 2016. After a thorough examination ,  he suggested that James should do various exercises which he taught him patiently & in a friendly manner. He also assured James that unless he repeated, the said exercises at home , he won’t achieve any results. On the other hand, if he did as he was told, he was sure that he’ll be able to walk again. Mr Matthew saw James for four consecutive weekly sessions. James was willing to work hard on those exercises given, bearing in mind that he could walk again. In fact, Mr. Matthew was very satisfied with James’progress, so much so, that after the fourth session, James was told that there was no need to see Mr Matthew anymore. Six weeks have passed;  James is still repeating daily the exercises given by Mr Matthew. But thanks to Dr Andrew Agius who suggested that James needed a physiotherapist & thanks to Mr Matthew Camilleri who did the workout with James; we can proudly say that James is enjoying walking once more. You both deserve a big THANK YOU !!!
    J. Ebejer 83 years
  • I have been feeling worried, tensed and stressed for some quite time now. Having heard about meditation I was eager to try it out. Enjoyed every single minute of the meditation sessions I have attended. I have noticed that since I committed to this practice, I’m feeling an inner peace. So I make sure that I meditate when I come home from work, so I leave the day behind me and after I eat so I will be ready to rest well during the night. Now I am less nervous especially when things go wrong. Meditation is much better than taking tranquilizers. I can only hope more people will take advantage of this. Meditation could make real progress in solving one’s problems.
    Albert O. 62 years
  • After hearing about the benefits of meditation, I decided to take the course offered at The Pain Clinic to help me deal with my anxiety. I was a bit afraid that nothing was going to change but I can say that I felt more relaxed even after the first session. I'm here to tell you that if I can do it, anyone can. For the first time in years, I was doing something for me that required time for myself each day. There is a sense of balance in my life, that wasn't there before. It even helped with my IBS. Learning and practising has made such a positive impact on my life that I just wish I knew about it sooner.
    A. Sacco38 years
  • I would like to thank the team at the Pain Clinic as now I am pain free. All of a sudden I had this pain in my left arm. Spoke to Dr Agius, who referred me to Matthew the physiotherapist. Just after the first session I could feel the difference. Following his exercises and with his knowledge I was feeling better in no time.  Very professional. Highly recommended!
    P. Sant30 years
  • A friend asked me to write this article and being quite a private person, I was hesitant at first. But my conscience eventually got the better of me. If reading about my experience can help any of you out there deal with life’s (sometimes shitty) surprises better than I have, then this small effort will be completely worth it. I am writing anonymously in the hopes that my message will reach you, whilst sparing me any awkward sympathetic glances or pats on the back when I next walk into work. A few years ago, after a particularly gruelling set of exams, I was diagnosed with acute anxiety and resulting depression. I didn’t know what was happening to me at first. My exams were over, summer was here, my friends and I were constantly partying, but I just couldn’t shake this sick, empty feeling from the pit of my stomach. The more I wanted to feel happy, to feel better, the deeper I sank into the darkness. My mind was a constant whirl of worrying thoughts, and when I lost my interest in food, I knew something was terribly, terribly wrong. I also started to give some serious thought to ending my life. It was really bringing me no joy to be alive, only pain, and I just couldn’t see the point anymore. Luckily, after months of suffering like this, I sought and found the support I needed. I went to the doctor’s, got myself some anti-depressants, dragged myself to therapy week after week, and luckily survived to tell the tale. Months later, by the Grace of God, I wasn’t anxious or depressed anymore. The horrible weight was lifted, my head was clear and I could see the world as it truly was again – a mysterious and sometimes beautiful wonderland, and not the haunted house of my darkest nightmares. I walked around marvelling at the sheer beauty of feeling alive again; I wanted to bottle it up so that I could sniff its heady scent if I ever started to feel horrible again. A few years passed by, and my life was back on track. I only felt as bad as I had during those horrible months of anxiety and depression one more time, for a short stint, when my girlfriend left me, I got evicted from my home and was going through a career change all at the same time. They say that when it rains it pours. But this wasn’t just any old downpour, it was an enormous, angry deluge which swept away cars and buildings, flooded houses, and drowned livestock. I like to think that that unfortunate series of events could have broken anyone. The only bright side was that this time I knew what was happening and deep down, beneath all the negativity, I thought that, maybe, I could survive this again. Luckily, with more medication and therapy, I did. But when the storm was over, and I should have started to feel myself again, I felt bogged down by a heavy fatigue that prevented me from living the life I wanted to lead. I would have just enough energy to head to work in the morning, but around lunchtime an immense wave of tiredness would come over me, and I would have to fight to stay awake. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I was periodically crippled by feelings of panic and fear that I would lose my job because of this condition, that I would become anxious and depressed again and that I would lose everything I have worked so hard for. I started to head out for naps in my car at lunchtime, turning up at work an hour later with my hair ruffled and bags under my eyes. As you can imagine, this was not a good look, and was not doing my career any favours.  Somehow, I would make it through the working day. When I got home in the evenings, I unfailingly felt like I had not reached my potential at work. But what I cared about most was what time I could get back to sleep. I would make something quick to eat (when I could manage it), and head to bed, falling into unconsciousness in minutes. That was the best part of my day. Over the years, I visited a number of GPs and had several blood tests. My blood work inevitably turned up no anomalies. I began to hope that they would find something serious. At least I would have a concrete reason for feeling this way. After months of research I diagnosed myself with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but when I searched online I just couldn’t find any answers. No doctor in Malta appeared to specialize in this condition, and the GPs just kept prescribing vitamins which appeared to make no difference to my condition. I must have spent thousands on supplements and herbal remedies that promised to impart mental clarity and banish fatigue. Each time I thought ‘AHA! I have found the magic elixir that is going to fix me!’; each time I was disappointed. At least I wasn’t depressed, I would tell myself. But what kind of a life is this, to be unable to give my best at work, to aspire to better things, to maintain a relationship or a decent social life? I spent three long years between the ages of 25 and 28 in a kind of sleepy stupor. And this is the part I couldn’t wait to tell you about – when it all FINALLY changed for better. I was always fascinated by natural medicine, trying this remedy and that, hoping to see a change. Then last year I spotted a news article about medical cannabis and pain relief. A patient claimed that this special plant not only helped him with pain but also relieved his anxiety and depression. ‘Oh’, I thought, ‘this is interesting.’ But I didn’t suffer from any pain, just fatigue, and I wasn’t feel particularly depressed, so I wasn’t sure this could help me. Then, within the next week, like a sign from above, I came across Lovin’ Malta’s article telling the story of someone who was not suffering from clinical anxiety or depression, but who felt run down, like me, and who had found that CBD oil had cured his ills. Now I was seriously interested - his symptoms sounded a lot like mine, fatigue and listlessness; and an oil sounded more accessible than smoking marijuana. I immediately googled CBD oil and found a super interesting article written by a young professional about how CBD oil helped him cope with anxiety and fatigue – the two banes of my life. I felt a rush of elation, and wasted no time in tracking down the oil.  I initially tried one brand of CBD oil which had little effect, so I switched to another. And finally, after a week or so, my life started to take on some semblance of normality. I am currently taking 4 drops of 5% CBD oil under the tongue 3 times a day. I now wake up in the morning looking forward to the day, not aching to stay in bed. Being alive is no longer an effort, it’s a joy, as it should be. I still take an anti-depressant daily and I have resigned myself to the fact that I am probably going to need this for the rest of my life to control my anxiety and prevent my depression from returning to engulf me as it has in the past. But for the first time in a long time, I am allowing myself hope that I may one distant day live a life free from pharmaceuticals, fear and fatigue.
  • After visiting my GP he recommended that I should start meditation classes to help me lower my blood pressure naturally. I had an idea about the benefits of meditation, so I made an appointment there and then. Just after the first session I can say there was a difference. I felt relaxed, good and comfortable with myself. Now it’s part of my daily routine because I always find time to meditate whilst listening to YouTube. And health wise, my blood pressure is lower than it used to be, I am definitely feeling less stressed, and finally that odd feeling of having a lump in my throat is gone. Like everything else if you keep on practicing, you will see the results. I can say that nowadays I feel much calmer, more relaxed and nothing else matters. So if you are reading this, and would like to start meditation but you are still a bit hesitant, I can assure you that it will help you change.
    Isabella Scicluna35 years
  • It’s hard to find the right words to express the fear that accompanies having someone you love falling apart, but I think it is really important to emphasis that anxiety; depression and fibromyalgia, all of which stole my daughter a few years ago and seemed to never want to let her go, affects everyone around the victim. My daughter has a young daughter, a husband, a sister, a mother, a father, all of whom had to witness this funny, spirited, daring, loving, open minded woman transform at great speed, via anxiety, through depression and fibromyalgia, into someone who could barely speak. My daughter had a full loving life before she became ill, and has lost many years because of it; and we, her family, who love her so much and found ourselves helpless in the face of her illness, lost those years along with her. For me, as a mother, watching the light fade from my daughters eyes, watching her withdraw deeper and deeper within herself as the pain got worse; communicate with little more than grunts, where before she was always chatty and entertaining, was both intensely distressing and intensely frightening. You feel so utterly helpless, and every day brings its fear that there might be no more of her left at all. The standard medications with which she was treated over the years did little other than numb her; they did NOTHING to give her life back. Her elder sister, ran her life for her, taking her daughter to school etc., cleaning and cooking, all the things she longed to do herself, she also let me know if extra help was needed, as she had withdrawn so much it was difficult for her to ask for help herself. For us all---- her discovery of CBD OIL was little short of a miracle. After all those years of seeing her almost trapped in her house, desperately unhappy and in constant pain, none of us could believe the transformation—or the speed with which it happened. Within a month she had weaned herself off her other medications, and her old personality—the shining girl I remembered had returned!! After what seemed like years of silent suffering- we were able to talk again, properly, mother to daughter, we talked for hours, and her mind was as clear as a bell, she managed to put into words how she had been feeling, she made me a coffee and didn’t wince in pain, not even once, it was if she had been freed from a very cruel prison!! All those little tasks we all take for granted, she is now able to do, she has developed ambitions, she has plans for the future, I PLEAD WITH THE COMMITTEE to take CBD OIL as an extraordinarily effective treatment for people in my daughters situation seriously. I am not saying it is an universal panacea, that it will cure everyone, but I know only TOO well, TOO clearly, the difference it has made in my daughter’s life. For her it has been, finally, after years of struggle, a relief from very REAL and EXTREME suffering, and for me, at last, I have my daughter back.
    Janet C.61 years
  • Matthew, the resident physiotherapist at The Pain Clinic in Paola, solved my knee problem in a very short time. Just after the first two sessions, I was already feeling much better. Impressed with the way the problem is analyzed and how personalized the exercise program is. Acupuncture, together with exercise, was used to reinforce my ligaments and muscles. Although pain-free, I still do the exercises Matthew recommended which can be easily done at home to avoid future problems. Excellent service.
    M. Vella30 years
  • I was diagnosed with fibro about 2.5 yrs ago. Before that I had many pains through out my life. Migraines , back pain, knee pain, depression. Anxiety and deteriorating eye sight.  Always without a real explanation.then the arm pain started and that's when I had to get to the bottom of it.  Now it's shown that it was always linked to fibro. I've been given many different types of medication, none really worked. When I was diagnosed I was started on lyrica 50mg x 2 daily. They didn't make much difference so it was upped to 150mg X3 daily. Still wasn't enough so antidepressants were re issued. Then some more and along the way even more. I was spending nearly 200€ every 3 weeks. Sometimes more if I had to buy extra pain killers. The side effects where sometimes worse then the pain. Pain, fatigue and nausea took over my life completely for over a year. I had to make a choice every minute of everyday. Do the dishes and end up in bed for the rest of the day in more pain or obsess about it instead. Take a shower or cook. I could not do more than 1 thing at a time.Being in pain all the time made my ocd get much worse. I mostly just sat in my arm chair staring at the tv. Couldn't even concentrate on that. My mind was always thinking of the pain. Music made my head hurt more. Walking  or any type of exercise was out of the question. I lost over 20kg because I couldn't eat. Every morning  started  with vomiting and the nausea never went away. The side affects of all the meds made things worse most of the time . I was always interested in medical marijuana as I had seen for my self how good it was for pain but that is still illegal in Malta so my doc helped as much as he could till we found natural cbd oil for me. WOW. the same day I tried it I already felt better. Pain melted away. My brain cleared. I stayed up late without feeling like death. I was super excited but also scared that it was too good to be true. That night I slept all night and woke up refreshed. Every day was better then the last. I had energy from the moment I woke up. No pain at all. No ocd. No sadness and the urge to go out. I was till unsure how long the effects would last so I still took it slow. Everyday I managed to clear and clean. Cook. Go for a short walks with my dogs which i missed very much and still be ok at 9, 10, 11 sometimes even 1am. Then sleep came so naturally with no worry that I would wake up badly. After a month I was nearly sure that this was the way to go, but I wanted to see how my monthly cycle went. For the past 23 yrs I've had crippling period pains. Really really bad PMS which lasted from a week before till 3 or 4 days into my cycle. Always had trouble with coping with it. No amount of painkillers ever helped. My last cycle came while I was on a short holiday and still I had to take 3 long naps to survive a day by the pool. This time around the only effects I had were swollen knees for a few hrs 2 days before. I was waiting for the bang but it never came.  my first day usually consists of crying swearing rocking feeling nuts. This time I got up fished the house , prepared dinner and went out. 2nd day it's as if there's nothing. I felt so good since starting the cbd oil that I even applied for a part time job after 12 yrs of not even wanting to think about working. I never coped with work very well as I was always on sick leave and my " excuses " as they were called were not good enough. I'm no longer afraid that I might crash and burn. I feel energised all day and sleep well every night. My family are truly happy and quite amazed at how well I am. In that month I also stopped taking all my meds and no ailments have returned. I'm confident I can live pain free with cbd or anything that is produced like it.
    Hayley Leenhouts33 years
  • I have to admit that I am not so much of a relaxed person. My mind is always on the go. I did an Aromatherapy course treatment of four sessions. I was very fidgety and uneasy during the first treatment, I could not let go. But treatment after treatment I started feeling better. My sleep improved considerably and I feel calmer in general now.
    A. S.35 years