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Renew the 6-month Permit

To access medical cannabis, patients need to have valid control card, a 30-day prescription and a valid approval from the Superintendent of Public Health. This approval is specific for each different product and is first issued for 30days and then every 6months following a review by the doctor to ensure that the patient is responding well to the medicine and is not experiencing side effects.

Online renewals are ONLY AVAILABLE for patients who have a 6-month approval and whose current permit has expired LESS THAN 1 year ago.

To renew your 6-month permit, kindly pay here and then fill in this questionnaire. Your application will be processed within 2 working days from when payment is confirmed and you will receive an email with your medical report and application form which you need to sign and send back to us by email together with a scanned copy of your control card from both sides. You may also edit and sign the documents using an online PDF editor.

Once we receive the signed medical report, signed page 2 of the application form and scanned control card, we will process your application and you should receive approval from the Superintendent of Public Health within 2 weeks. When your application is approved, we will prepare a PDF file and send you the 6-month permit by email.

You can then request a repeat prescription when you are due to pick up your medicine.

Feel free to call Amanda on 79666904 Monday to Friday 9am-1pm and 3-6pm if you have any difficulties.

You can also renew your 6-month permit through an online consultation with Dr Madeleine Bonnici or a follow-up consultation at the clinic with Dr Andrew Agius.