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Renew the Control Card

The control card for narcotic and psychotropic drugs is one of the documents that is required to access medical cannabis. This card usually expires every year or so depending on where you live. When it expires, you will not be able to get a prescription for medical cannabis before it is renewed.

To renew your control card you need an application form which is prepared at the clinic and signed by the doctor. You then need to go to the Drug Control Unit at St Luke’s Hospital POYC section Monday to Friday 8am – 1pm with your application and  your expired control card and they will issue a new control card. You may also renew your control card in Paola at the Drug Control Unit office which is next to Traffic Lights Cafe in Paola, opposite De Paola Pharmacy Monday to Friday 8am – 1pm.

If you lost your control card, kindly request an application form and go to St Luke’s Hospital where you need to take an oath that you lost it, pay €7 and they will issue a new one.

To collect your control card renewal application from the clinic, kindly book a “Clinic Visit” with one of our front office staff and write “to renew control card” in the Notes section of the appointment.

To receive your control card application at home by registered mail, kindly send an email with the title “to renew control card” with your name, ID card number and address to and pay here. Your application will be posted within 2 working days and when you receive it, you can go to St Luke’s Hospital with it and your expired control card. Kindly inform us if you do not receive your application within 3 working days so we can check the tracking information.

You may also opt to send your expired control card to us by registered mail following which we will prepare your renewal application and send it by registered mail to the Drug Control Unit at St Luke’s Hospital. The waiting time to receive the new control card from St Luke’s Hospital by registered mail is 2-3 weeks. Kindly call the clinic on 79666904 if you prefer to renew this way.