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Request a Repeat Prescription

Patients with a valid control card and 6-month permit can now request a repeat prescription for 30days online and pick up the medicine directly from the pharmacy.

Kindly ensure that both the control card and the 6-month permit are not expired before requesting a prescription. If your documents are expired, kindly click here to renew the control card or click here to renew the 6-month permit.

Patients with Bedrocan approvals can now request prescriptions for all products. If you don’t have a Bedrocan approval, kindly choose a product for which you have a 6-month permit for and request an amount within your allowance e.g. 1g daily means one can request maximum 30g per month.

Kindly check with your pharmacist that they have the medicine you will be requesting.



    1. Click on the photo of the product you need [BELOW] to select the number of grams and pharmacy of your choice. The expiry date of control card, expiry date of 6-month permit and the pharmacy of your choice need to be inputted only once, not for each product.

    2. Click on the buttons [BELOW] to make payment according to the number of prescriptions required

    3. Send a screenshot or the time when payment was made via WhatsApp to 79666904 together with your name and surname

Alternatively, if you are sure your documents are valid, you can also request a repeat prescription by sending a WhatsApp message or SMS to 79666904 with: (1) the name of the product, (2) number of grams, (3) pharmacy where you will pick up (ONLY the ones on the list after you have confirmed they have stock) (4) your name and surname and (5) time of payment, e.g. Bedrocan 30g, De Paola Pharmacy, Joseph Borg 21:35

Orders are confirmed Monday to Saturday at 9am and prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy of your choice by 10am. Orders made from 9am till 3pm are sent to the pharmacy by 4pm the same day. If you need an urgent prescription, kindly call the clinic on 79666904 during opening hours.